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When I was younger, the death of my mother forever altered the trajectory of my life. Despite facing challenges as a single parent, she managed to raise four children with support from her mother Eula Mae Roberson.  After discovering the love of her life, my mother passed away 10 months later.


My mother's passing significantly altered the course of my life forever. Several events occurred  after the passing of my mother.  Our stepfather switched off the power, causing us to leave late at night in the cold to ask our neighbor Ethel Davis to stay with her just for that night.  We went to school the next day with a lot on our mind. Upon our return home, the Martin County Law Enforcement was summoned to our residence due to a false report of breaking and entering in progress. The door was kicked open and guns were pointed at us, demanding that we lie down. My siblings and I were minors, with my sister being 17 and my brother and I being 14. Upon recognizing our resident, they departed. We were so hurt and lost of words. 


Having no information about where our mother was laid to rest, We experienced exhaustion and disconnection from our circumstances, leading us to seek respite in various households. We departed from our residence with solely a bag of clothing and a schoolbag. Financial resources were non-existent. Our bio father received our monthly  SSA checks, but we didn't receive any.


Every day at school, my sister Antwonette would inform my brother and me about the bus we would be taking or whose home we would be staying at. Our bus driver, Roberta Dickens, took the initiative to host a gospel concert at a local church to support my family. She provided us with food and took us shopping, yet we never divulged our circumstances to anyone, including her.  


Mrs. Dickens inspired me to recognize the significant impact we can have on one another's lives. Growing up in a single-parent household taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. My mother's love and determination inspired me to pursue my dreams. They serve as the bedrock of TFBU's existence.


Stay tuned as my new title is set to release shortly for my first book! 

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